Mar 10, 2012

Your Mercy

Why do you want me to believe you are there when you don’t want me to see you? All I see are my blunt events and plights while you never care asking the sun to shine. Please don’t tell me about the good old days, I never remember them. Man’s life is marked by his moments of grief not his moments of joy, and at the end of it, we claim we were happy with our lives but in fact, we just have to accept it! We have no choice; you have absolute control over everything and everyone. Why do you judge the little me? Do you want me to believe in you when I’m hungry? Do you want me to believe in your justice when you send me all the devils and all the evils you created yourself? Are you asking me to confide in your decisions, and then judge me for the way I wanted to live?

One day, you told me that my soul is a part of you, and to prove your theory to me and to yourself you will kill me, and take back my soul as you did with my grandparents and my good friends. You have liberated a part of your holiness and created my soul, haven’t you? Why do you treat me so bad when I’m a part of you then? Or my soul is just your spy, informing you with all my thoughts and plans? I always fail to understand your wisdom but it’s you who created my tiny brains and it’s also you who wants me to understand how big you are, and it’s you who will judge me for my misunderstanding of you, and it’s you who calls himself the most merciful.


bassant said...

as you said that ur soul is a part of Him, so how come you say u can't see Him! we see God inside of us but sometimes we blind our eyes! of course we have choices , God may have control over the circumstances we were born into but he gave us our mind to choose how to live through this life and that's why H never judge us for what we were born into or what happens to us ! why do you think of it that way, that He "kills" u to get ur soul back?! why don't u think of it that He loves you that much that He wants you to live with Him in heaven! God feels bad when something bad happens to us , but some times he let those things happen to shape us , to make the best of us!! i like how you talked to Him and i'm sure he will send you the best answer soon .) God bless ur life

Alien Troops said...

If He is inside me then why can't I see through me? I feel his existence but I can't see him. It's like an odor in the air! They say seeing is believing, no?
If you think he gave us choices, then why can't you say No to His choices?? why everything you do is part of His plan?
And yes, he kills me, if he wants me back to his heavens, why he kicked me out of it at the first place? The apple wasn't my fault! And I can't find the sense of "you leave heavens, and you come back later whenever I want" journey!
If you think he feels uncomfortable whenever something bad happens to me, he can simply reshape me without the need of any evils! And if as you say he's shaping my life the way he wants then why is he judging me for the frames he put around me!??
Finally, if you compared the life of Palestinians kids with other 1st world kids, do you still call that shaping?

bassant said...

1- how come you feel His existance but you cant see Him! do you see Love? no but you feel it , why do you love without seeing love and it doesn't bother you but you need to "see "God !
2- a big difference between God knowing what will happen and God controlling our choices! God Has the best plan for each one of us but still you don't know it an still you cannot follow this plan if you want, and yes you have the choice and as i said He may choose the circumstances we were born into "which were originally made by others choices ".
3- He kicked us out of heaven because He is fair , He created adam and Eve He told them the rules, once you make a mistake you die, their mistake was their "choice" to eat from that tree , and as a fair God He did what he said and that's why Adam was kicked out of heaven , in my prespective which i don't think it's yours , we are dead because we r out of heaven !! that's why i don't think He is "killing" us because after leaving earth that is the real life!!the eternal life!!
4- if you think you can be shaped without any problems facing you?! think of a period of time that your life was empty nothing happens in it, you r facing no problems and who did it affect you?! it like metal the more you put it in fire, the more it shines, that's why we learn from our mistakes, our problems, don't you call this shaping?!
5- finally, i think God is fair enough that He never judges a person for things he was born into, you r not judeged for who r ur parents, which country you were born into, which time you were born in,,etc. but how did he deal with it , ofcourse the life of palestinian kids is harder and may be the life of a somalian kid is even harder , who know who live the worst life?!! but how you deal with it is what you r judged for. no life is free from problems, no life !

YasmineRK said...

(I also read your other post, and I'm leaving a comment here for both posts.)

- Okay, I'll share with you a way of solving this.
Stephen Hawking mentioned in his book "The Grand Design" the term "Model-dependent Realism"[1], an example for this: The Ptolemaic model of the world was held the true "official" model for centuries, until Galileo came along and introduced us to a new model of the world which turns out to be more elegant, more useful, and actually offered more accurate predictions about the solar system. so, it's closer to the truth.
Now, if we apply these same principals on beliefs and religions, we'll find that, at some point in our history, the ideas of the One God and his creation story were revolutionary. But when science advanced and we learned A LOT more about the universe and our origin, this Religious Model of the world no longer makes sense! (It has many flaws on various levels, e.g: how God the all-merciful prepared eternal hell from the beginning. Or, how the universe is much older than what’s been stated in the religious texts. Or evolution! And so on.)
So, Irreligion/Atheism provides more coherent model of the world and much less philosophical paradoxes. (i.e: There's no God that's controlling our lives. so, evils happen however. and if we try to be more cooperative we would limit such evils as much as possible.)

My point is, the difference between the model of the world that religion provides and that of atheism is the same as the difference between the Ptolemaic model of the universe and that of Galileo.

This is a way to look at it, assuming we will never know how the objective world really is but will just keep drawing models based on scientific observations.
So, instead of trying to fit the world into our own mental image, we’d better observe it the way it is and build the most useful/real model we can think of until further notice.

Please, let me recommend to you reading Lawrence Krauss's new book "A Universe From Nothing". It's thought-provoking A LOT and.. awesome!

If you've read this far, thank you! :D

[1] Model-dependent realism is a controversial philosophical approach to scientific inquiry, which accepts that reality can always be interpreted in a number of different ways, and focuses on how well our models of phenomena. It claims that it is meaningless to talk about the "true reality" of the model. The only meaningful thing is the usefulness of the model. The term itself was coined by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow in their 2010 book, The Grand Design.
Model-dependent realism asserts that all we can know about "reality" consists of networks of world pictures that explain observations by connecting them by rules to concepts defined in models.

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