Nov 9, 2011

Can you remind me of the reason why we live?

I was thinking of that reason for some time, and I only came up with more questions! Were we born as part of a challenge or something? What does God really want to prove? And if God wants to prove something, then to whom He wants to prove it? To Himself? Or to another God? As far as I believe, it’s only one God. Does it mean that God is not confident enough in Himself so He wants to prove his ability to do something, and that’s why he created the universe? But for an almighty, unconfidence is not a trait of Gods.

So I imagine this; one day, for whatever reason God decided to create the universe and thought there must be something called planets and some so-called humans live on it. I’ll call the whole system Nature…probably I’ll put another kind of humans on a different planet here and there so the first kind of humans will call them aliens. Then, I’ll make them worship me, and in order to persuade them to follow my orders (although I can make them simply follow my orders but) I’ll create some universal rules. I’ll also lure them with sending them to heaven…oh will I have to create heaven too? Or do I already have a heaven in my backyard? And for those who won’t believe in me or simply disobey my orders (although, I also can make them do whatever I want but) I’ll just put them in the oven.

Is that what God thinks of? Or does He has a different scenario? Are we the aliens to some other so-called humans living on a different galaxy? Are we just another gear in the big machine that He named it universe? My mind just fails to understand why we do exist! Yes we will all go to heaven or hell, all according to their deeds but why were we created at the first place, however, He already knows where will we all end up anyway! He knows everything and he controls everything! We can’t do anything about destiny and He stands in silence at times of injustice although He calls himself the most merciful! If we can control let’s say 1% of our lives which in regard dictates our destiny, then doesn’t this make us independent form God? And if so, could this 1% grow little bit more, and may be one day we revolt against the God?

Is it a game? Are we the God's favorite sport? At times of grief and sorrow, I believe it’s part of a plan made by god, and also at times of joy and happiness, the smiles were also part of the plan. But what plan? And why there is a plan? I still can’t find an answer.