Aug 19, 2010

Wikileaks; making our world transparent

Wikileaks is a Wiki that has triggered the transparency of the world governments. This new wiki project was born big since they first published some important and confidential documents about the Afghan war 'leaked' from the CIA.
People around the world started sending them documents that shows how much corrupted their governments and authorities are. They received thousands of pages about many critical issues from different countries. Of course this angered the CIA, Afghan government and other authorities and demanded the identity of those who sent them the documents.
Wikileaks has created an army of fans and supporters against corruption around the world. They depend on high secured software and promised the "leakers" to keep their identity hidden from the authorities which encourages more people to send/leak more documents and show the world the truth behind a war, a case or global and minor issues.
It's a great project for the humanity to finally show the world the truth and make our world more transparent.

Aug 16, 2010

Is the Internet changing the way we think?

I found this article posted by a friend on facebook from The Guardian, it is about a very interesting subject which is how the internet is changing our minds and the way we think. I guess it's a crucial issue because there are many people who doesn't value the internet, especially the elderly people.
Well, upon reading this article I noticed that, writer or critics were actually expressing themselves or their point of view, showing the intangible change that the internet caused..while neuroscientists and psychiatrists were comparing the human brain with the internet showing the tangible neuros that have changed in our minds, they also didn't use the term "humans". One called us the "homo sapiens" and another said "...our younger species", of course both has almost the same meaning but it's the fact of using these terms..I don't know why this big difference between both of their "way of thinking" but the great thing is, thanks to the internet that is diverse enough and -as one of the writers said- undiscriminating; we are provided with such huge information..
From my point of view, I guess they missed that, the internet is more a transitional phase between the information society (which the internet has created) to the knowledge society..the latter is the new generations that are actually USING the information available, we are not in a reading phase, we already now have the info. The new knowledge society is about using the information available not just reading it...
Anyways, our mind has developed in a way or another, which is pretty normal and evolutionary.

You can read the full article here:
The internet: is it changing the way we think?