Jul 29, 2012

Time is the master, we are the slaves, I hate my clock.

Sometimes you don’t know what’s happening, you just stare in silence, you just do nothing, you just wonder. You try to stop the world, you try to stop the time, but earth will never stop spinning no matter what happened. Is the earth so enslaved that it can never break a rule even for a minute? Is the time very selfish not to pay attention to anyone? I just need to break away from this life, may be I want to leave my body and go wandering in the air. If I can do this, I’ll leave earth, I will go enjoy the boundless universe, I will fly between the stars. I just want the silence of the universe, enough noise, enough bullshit, enough of you, you and you! Enough of manmade rules, enough of what life has to offer to us just like a rich man throwing pennies to a beggar. We are not beggars, we are souls, just like time, or earth, or the whole universe, but we are just imprisoned in bodies, it’s so unfair! I can’t wait for my cage (aka body) to explode and for my soul to break free.. just like the formation of earth; an explosion of a supernova. Aren’t we all miniature supernovas? Ain’t each one of us a universe of their own? Go blow yourself up, show me what you got, show me what you have inside, show me the real you, show me your soul without this curved flesh. Enough fake gestures, enough fake images, enough fake souls entrapped in fake bodies. All this is just blinding us, we can’t see the truth – that if there is a truth! If you call breathing is a symptom of life, then I want death. If you call seeing is believing then I want heresy. If you call me a human, then I want to be just like a stone. My soul has become a stone already, sitting in silence, unable to speak, unable to interact, unable to feed on thoughts, but just watching the world through my two windows, praying for the day when this media goes off, and the stone finally breaks the body and becomes a bird and fly away.