Sep 4, 2011

18 things you learn at the Scool of the Desert

  1. You discover that you can use the shower gel to wash your hair instead of the shampoo!
  2. You might be a serious picky eater but whatever you eat is delicious.
  3. You can find more hash in the desert than any other plant!
  4. You will still be able to sleep although you found animal tracks and poo around your sleeping bag
  5. If you were in a group and suddenly someone retreated from the conversation and blindly started to walk away on their own without replying you then nature called them!
  6. If you have a spoon then you are a rich man
  7. You can survive mountain climbing, sunstroke, hunger, thirst, lack of sleep, or full bladder but you might not survive a stare from someone who complains too much
  8. When in South Sinai bring a Saudi phone number instead of an Egyptian one, stronger coverage!
  9. Toyota is the name of camels in the new millennia
  10. Crabs are stupid & never learn; you can catch one, set it free, then catch it again same way, set it free, and catch it again..
  11. You will read the papers a week later and still won’t be surprised by the news!
  12. You don’t care about what time is it, which day is it, what are you going to do next, where on earth are you, what will you have for lunch, how will you answer the call of nature, where to sleep, or whether you really really need a shower but, the only thing you care about is not to destroy the environment by leaving your handkerchiefs fly in the air!
  13. You can meet some random people and they will know many things about you more than your best friends
  14. You will learn how socks feel in the washing machine (bumpy rides)
  15. You might have Cynophobia (Fear of dogs) all your life but you catch yourself playing with three dogs at once!
  16. You find yourself free to take off your shirt at any time or anywhere
  17. You might walk for a couple of miles to find a place to sleep.
  18. When you go to sleep you better remind yourself and say “I’m in a hiking trip” 100 times to avoid the shock of “where am I?” when you wake up to find yourself in a bag in the desert
School of the Desert مدرسة الصحراء