Mar 10, 2012

Your Mercy

Why do you want me to believe you are there when you don’t want me to see you? All I see are my blunt events and plights while you never care asking the sun to shine. Please don’t tell me about the good old days, I never remember them. Man’s life is marked by his moments of grief not his moments of joy, and at the end of it, we claim we were happy with our lives but in fact, we just have to accept it! We have no choice; you have absolute control over everything and everyone. Why do you judge the little me? Do you want me to believe in you when I’m hungry? Do you want me to believe in your justice when you send me all the devils and all the evils you created yourself? Are you asking me to confide in your decisions, and then judge me for the way I wanted to live?

One day, you told me that my soul is a part of you, and to prove your theory to me and to yourself you will kill me, and take back my soul as you did with my grandparents and my good friends. You have liberated a part of your holiness and created my soul, haven’t you? Why do you treat me so bad when I’m a part of you then? Or my soul is just your spy, informing you with all my thoughts and plans? I always fail to understand your wisdom but it’s you who created my tiny brains and it’s also you who wants me to understand how big you are, and it’s you who will judge me for my misunderstanding of you, and it’s you who calls himself the most merciful.