Jun 6, 2010

My Life is Average

This is one of my favorite websites that I check daily and I spend a long time reading (MLIA) stories everyday. MyLifeIsAverage or (MLIA) is a website where you can share very short stories about your everyday life or an incident or even an event in your life. Such stories are real fun, and you can vote either "Average" if you like it or "meh" if you don't...the more "average" a story is, the more likely to be published. I've posted more than 7 stories ever since I knew about it and I had none posted. You will see how many people like me are dying to get their stories published. Check out the About section and the FAQ and other affiliate sites. It is FUN. (MLIA)


Jun 3, 2010


When I first heard this song, I thought of how many faces/masks do we have to wear everyday, and everywhere. People are very good in wearing masks and hide the real them from you, and it's a must and a fact of life that we all can't change or do anything about. We know it's a lie or a cheat but we do it unintentionally and intentionally, we do it with the close ones and with strangers. I thought, how many faces do we have to wear?

1st: At work; you have to be the serious person who really cares about the place you work at (though most people don't like the place they work at). You pretend that you are a radical person to coop with your radical colleagues and you also pretend that you very open-minded to your boss. You do this deliberately to get a promotion or unintentionally to de-stress yourself at work instead of cursing the day you stepped in that place.

2nd: with your family; do you actually wear a mask with your family?! I don't know but I guess it's face-less time, your family is the people who know you very well that you can't put on any mask in front of them. Unless, you left your homeland for several years and have different thoughts so you have to wear the (old mask) when you see your family again.

3rd: with your friends; the masquerade?! your friends are those who are close to you, they are the people whom you enjoy your time with but, sometimes you have to put on the mask of (grieve) when they are sad but you are not, or the mask of (happiness) when they are happy at the time you are not and so on. And sometimes, when you have lots of different friends with different ways of thinking, you have to wear different masks to enjoy that part of you with a specific friend that you can't enjoy with another.

4th: in public; if you went to a bar, shopping mall, or even wander the streets you will see how different people are and, if someone approaches you to talk to you or ask you for directions or whatever, you will wear the (stranger danger) mask.

5th: with yourself, and I'll leave it for you to decide.

I believe there are much more than those 5 faces we fake but these are what I might have for now.
The song name is Faces for Andy Moor, Ashley Wallbridge and it's about confronting obstacles and facing the fears that you might have, yet, it reminded me of the faces we wear too.

-Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge feat Meighan Nealon - Faces