Nov 9, 2011

Can you remind me of the reason why we live?

I was thinking of that reason for some time, and I only came up with more questions! Were we born as part of a challenge or something? What does God really want to prove? And if God wants to prove something, then to whom He wants to prove it? To Himself? Or to another God? As far as I believe, it’s only one God. Does it mean that God is not confident enough in Himself so He wants to prove his ability to do something, and that’s why he created the universe? But for an almighty, unconfidence is not a trait of Gods.

So I imagine this; one day, for whatever reason God decided to create the universe and thought there must be something called planets and some so-called humans live on it. I’ll call the whole system Nature…probably I’ll put another kind of humans on a different planet here and there so the first kind of humans will call them aliens. Then, I’ll make them worship me, and in order to persuade them to follow my orders (although I can make them simply follow my orders but) I’ll create some universal rules. I’ll also lure them with sending them to heaven…oh will I have to create heaven too? Or do I already have a heaven in my backyard? And for those who won’t believe in me or simply disobey my orders (although, I also can make them do whatever I want but) I’ll just put them in the oven.

Is that what God thinks of? Or does He has a different scenario? Are we the aliens to some other so-called humans living on a different galaxy? Are we just another gear in the big machine that He named it universe? My mind just fails to understand why we do exist! Yes we will all go to heaven or hell, all according to their deeds but why were we created at the first place, however, He already knows where will we all end up anyway! He knows everything and he controls everything! We can’t do anything about destiny and He stands in silence at times of injustice although He calls himself the most merciful! If we can control let’s say 1% of our lives which in regard dictates our destiny, then doesn’t this make us independent form God? And if so, could this 1% grow little bit more, and may be one day we revolt against the God?

Is it a game? Are we the God's favorite sport? At times of grief and sorrow, I believe it’s part of a plan made by god, and also at times of joy and happiness, the smiles were also part of the plan. But what plan? And why there is a plan? I still can’t find an answer.


Anonymous said...

My God!!!!! What dimension did u drop in from because I think we Just arrived at the same on the same platform.......brilliant

Anonymous said...

Science has deep and eloquent answers to your question. There is no need to agonize. And there is certainly no need to look for a supernatural explanation for our existence because there simply isn't! We should all be very thankful for the so very unlikely circumstances that brought us all to life. I would recommend you read: "The Greatest Show on Earth," by Richard Dawkins ( Good luck!

Anonymous said...

oh, and I also hope that you are safe. There were some rumors on Twitter that you were arrested in Tahrir along with Mona Eltahawy. That is actually what brought me here.

Anonymous said...

What seems to be in your head is an idea about God made up of bits and pieces of what others have said.
Why not start your inquiry with a blank slate and no pre-conceived ideas and see where that takes you?

Why is it important to know why you exist?
Why do you not ask the same question about roses, dogs and rivers.
What is so special about you (or me) that requires a reason to exist?
What is the real purpose of all your questions?

noura seada said...

well , it lingered in my head once , but i imagine that the universe is a big complex story , with so many plots and details , and what makes it really good is that we believe so much in our roles , we can't even notice the stage and the lights , and like any other good story , you can't have only the good guys , the peace and beauty
we humans are simply god's masterpiece ,we're the characters that he wrote with this marvelous diversity , to create the story .. and i personally believe that this free of will is the permission to improvise .. and god simply knows everything because time doesn't exist for him , he can see the beginning and the end .. that's how i see it

amiraT said...

The human mind is set to 'finite' while faith goes beyond comprehension. Infinity cannot be grasped in a finite world where walls exist. For how can we conceive galaxies and universes that go on forever.. there is always a wall to break through, if only for us to 'figuratively' gain sight into another world with another wall and then another and another ... & so on ... infinitely.
Think and rationlise all you will but close no doors ~ perceive the figurative walls of infinite space and know that though our minds may be limited, embracing parameters of appealing 'logic' ~ our spirits aspire to soar.
What spirits? Just because we cannot prove they exist does not prove they don't. Everything changes from one state to another. Water can be a liquid, a solid or a vapour but it never really goes away, just like the life force that exits the body and leaves it a corpse.. the soul which we ultimately have a duty towards if only because we have been endowed with one.
We teeter on the brink of free will and the 'maktoub' in our daily lives and if we get the balance right we do all we can and still know that we cannot be in full control. Assuming too much control or too little are both dangerous as either one can tip us into despair or complacency, both soul-destroying factors. Balance is key.
Finally, some preceding comments left to this post are refreshingly inspiring.
I hope you find the tiniest grain of value in mine and failing that can only say that when we allow beauty in awe often follows.

Anonymous said...

For all those who don't know suffering, sufferors need God... For all those who know death, we pray the angels lead our loved ones in. Unlearned knowledge begot sin and God begot love. All who think they are wise have failed at wisdom, all those who love accomplish much in life and death and life.