Mar 27, 2011

Meditation: Negative Energy

Remember when I told you about the negative and positive energies we have?! I've that feeling that I have a lot of negative energy for some long time, which really makes me feel down. I'm not wondering about the source, I guess living in an inert and conservative society is one of the good reasons for generating a negative energy but I'm not looking for the reasons of it. I'm looking on how to overcome this negative energy.

In order to do so, I thought of doing things that I love, like pursuing my PhD study which I stopped doing for a couple of years now! And I couldn't do that....and I'm still slowly moving towards my research.

Then I thought of doing other things, not work related. Like when creating lighting units out of paper...I kept dreaming about that and I'm so fond of it...So I got all the needed and unneeded materials, locked myself in the room and started doing it...I made 3 units, and then I got bored. I get bored easily.

Sometimes when I'm stressed of feeling sad, I look for a pen, my favorite pen, and I start doodling, I feel I wanna write something but I don't write anything, I just doodle. I'm not good in drawing, so I came out with just lines.
I listen to music, all kinds of music, but all this didn't release my negative energy. It's trapped inside. Music is life but not all the time.
I went to study Japanese, I love languages, and the effect of a new language/culture on the brain is real awesome and refreshing. I didn't expect to like the Japanese that much, but I found it very interesting…a totally new culture…and I loved the effect of learning this very different language on my brain. It seemed very nice at the first couple of weeks; then I also got bored.
Am I filled with negative energy up to my ears and nose? I still can't tell.
Writing on the keyboard releases some of the tension, which is good, but I’m not a kind of a person who likes to write, it takes a hell of an effort and needs a talent that I never had.

So, the only thing left to release this negative energy is to talk about it? or leak some through your friends and communicating with people?
Does communication with people releases this negative energy? and what if I talked to a person, does this negative energy moves to him/her? (We don’t have to talk about problems we have but, just talking about anything). Does it take a different form? Can we radiate energy?

Yes, I think so, I receive energy (+ve, or -ve) from people. And I also radiate energy. Like we are made of radiant materials that radiate energy just like nuclear radiation...Flesh is radiant.
It's like that we have the "aura" or when our circles of ectoplasm 01 come together they release energy.

Have you seen "Down the RabbitHole"? The quantum theory? Now, I'm trying to ask myself some questions...The ideas are the energy? Our imagination is energy? The more you imagine and think, the more energy you get...And our bodies can't keep energy for a long time, because it affects us, we have to implement our imagination and our ideas. Turn the ideas into whatever it can be, into drawings, into novels, into work, into inventions, turn it into anything but just get it out of your mind/body.
The more you think, the more you generate energy.
We have to get rid of it. You probably can’t discuss this with anyone, they might think you are nuts. You might think that I’m nuts writing this but, may be that's the thing. That's why we keep (thoughts, imagination = negative energy) trapped inside.
Then I step back and think, from where we get the positive energy? Is the positive energy the energy that keeping us alive? Moving, and working?

I don't know, I'm still confused!! Do you have an answer for this?

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CurleyUS said...

The energy of the heart can be felt through walls, it extends something like 50 feet. Positive or negative energy that we give off can be seen with a simple glimpse, or through just a glance at another person. I think the real potency of our thoughts comes with adulthood, after the immature part of our "self" has died, physiologically, and replaced by a series of different centers where thoughts come from. I think that our ancestors speak through us literally, as in, our genes literally allow our ancestors to speak through us. Did you know that bipolar disorder is almost commonplace? In my opinion, it is OK to be neurotic, to be future sighted, it is a natural benefit of being human, it becomes negative only when the energies hurt us or others. The hard question has been answered: we don't need to understand it! Embrace the mystical! Yoda: luminous beings are we, not this crude matter!