Aug 19, 2013

What is Egypt for you?

I'm wondering what is Egypt for you? What does Egypt mean to you? Why everyone is crying "We are defending Egypt".. What do you exactly mean by that term, Egypt?

Is it the Delta? the Nile river? the man-made Pyramids? or is it the bloody people? If it's the natural land for you, there is a Grand Canyon out there, a Seine river, or even the Great Wall of China. What makes your land so significant than other's? Does it speak to you?

Who put you in this rectangular area and asked you to kill yourself and spare your soul so the soul-less sand and mud can be changed only according to your own thoughts and not to others' thoughts who live outside or even inside this rectangle!?

Or are you defending the people who r being killed by your people? The same people who are smiling at you and at the same time offending the way you smile at them?

Who are you defending? Is it your future kids? Why are you bringing more people into this rectangle and killing yourself so they survive and they will kill themselves to survive and so on? And to survive what, the killing of other people who live in the same square because they want their future kids to survive and protect the soul-less sand and mud?
And above all why would I spare my life for someone that will come in the future? Why would I torture myself and people around me so my kids will grow up and continue the same kind of torture?

Who divided the Earth into countries and told you to hold your ground against yourself?

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