May 31, 2010

This is not a pipe!

no, it's not a pipe! It was a night I spent with my friends at the plaza of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA). It was my first time to experience a shooting of a movie; the cameras, lightning, cast and a director chair. There was no director chair! The film is called "This is not a pipe", one of the Plaza films produced by the BAs' Plaza Project Fund and directed by an amateur director. It will be displayed at the BA in the next couple of months. It was fun and I took some photos with my cam.

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Merate said...

Hello! I'm trying to contact you. I'm Merate Barakat. Egyptian Architect. Currently at the AA school slaving away on my PhD. I heard about you and how brave you are. I also learned about your specific interest in I think 'neural networks'and Architecture. Aside from anything political I would like to collaborate with you.
Please contact me at my email.

and no i'm not amn dawla.. Ask around u might find someone that knows me. ask older people ;)
this is my research blog.

hope this msg in a bottle finds you.